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    Hubei Changyi special material technology Co., Ltd is an integrated steel manufacturer inDaye,Huangshi City, Hubei, China.Our steels are used in all major areas of the industry including die casting, plastic processing, extrusion, pipe technology, die forging, energy technology, aerospace, mechanical and fittings engineering etc.
    Jingcheng came into existence in Sep. 2006. The predecessor is Huangshi Yingda Special Steel Co., Ltd(1990-2006), which wasa pioneer in the field of tool steel industry in Huangshi. In year 2006, responded to the callof economic restructuring and sustainable development strategy,Yingda company united its partners, expanded investment, established Daye Jingcheng Mould Co., Ltd, in Daye City - Chinese traditional steel production base. The new company is equipped with advanced equipment of special steel production, heat treatment and quality inspection. Target to taking part in world market competition, Jingcheng established a modern production management system in the beginning. During the following years, Jingcheng has developed into a team of highly qualified and motivated professionals, and available to produce a wide scope of tool steel, alloy steel, and mold steel products for customers worldwide.
    The manufacturing shop is made up of 3 parts: smelting, forging and heat treatment shop. Major of which are equipped with the most up-to-date, automated and numerically controlled facilities and equipments. Electroslag remelting(ESR)is used to meet special quality requirements in terms of purity, toughness, and polishability, all in a reproducible manner. Open die forging and die forging could meet various requirements in different sizes and shapes. Precise heat treatment of quenching, tempering and normalizing could make the steels in a perfect condition for using further process. All steps above can be done by ourselves. We are providing one stop service of high quality special steel for the customers.
    Jingcheng’s quality assurance system is based on comprehensive international quality standards,encompassingstrict inspection and tests of processes and products. Our separated quality testing department equipped advanced equipment could guarantee the quality of our products meet the international standard in the aspect of chemical composition, ultrasonic nondestructive test, macrostructure and microstructure test and mechanical properties. The results of inspection and testing are feed back to the technical supervision department to support andimprove the entire system.Through constant innovation, we can produce high quality special steels according to various international standards.
    At the heart of everything we do, we always have our customers in mind, aiming to build up and maintain fair, long-term partnerships.


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