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    The ministerial conference of Daye Jingcheng Mould Co.,Ltd was held successfully

    The ministerial conference of Daye Jingcheng Mould Co.,Ltd was held in Jinhua Hotel on Feb. 21st 2013.

    The president, Mr. Zhigang Yan, briefly introduced industry external environmentand current situation of metallurgical industry. He analysed our target market, our advantages as well as disadvantages carefully. Meanwhile, he indicated the direction of improvement and reform about our company in 2013. In the meeting, all the directorsdelivered speeches. They made conclusion and prospect about their departments and the company.

    After discussion, we got the following focuses about our company in 2013:

    Firstly, we should continue to strengthen our market position on forged mould steel and tool steel with medium and large sizes. Besides, we should research & develop new products actively.

    Secondly, ensuring all the rules carry out in the managing areas. Each department carries out business management, personnel management and process management system strictly.

    Thirdly, controlling cost strictly to cope with the current severe economic situation at home and abroad as well as recession of metallurgical industry.

    Fourthly, improving logistics system based on a higher standard. And supplying comfortable and satisfied environment for all the workers on work and life.

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