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    Jingcheng Heat Treatment Workshop Go into Production

    We equipped 4 sets of high temperature furnace, 4 sets of tempering resistance furnace. Since now, we could finish the quenching and tempering process for most of tool steels, alloy steels and moul steels. The mould steel and tool steel which need to be Q+T, such as L6 (1.2714/SKT4), 4140 (1.7225), 4340 (1.6582), 420 (1.2083), P20 (1.2311), P20+Ni (1.2738), P20+S (1.2312) etc, could be supplied and strictly controlled by ourselves.

    Our target: offer more better and flexible special steel solution for you.

    You are very welcome to contact us via IM (Skype/MSN) or call the direct line 86 714 6302891.

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