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    Meet Us in The 11th China International Special Steel Industry Exhibition

    As an exhibitor of the 11th China International Special Steel Industry Exhibition, Jingcheng's president Mr Yan Zhigang and the members of foreign trade department went to the exhibition in Shanghai, between Sep. 20th to 23th, 2012.

    More than 10 grades of tool steel and mold steel specimens (1.2344/H13, 1.2343/H11, 1.2379/D2, 1.2363/A21.3343/M2, etc.) were tooken to our booth, along with the actual inspection reports. It shows our achievement in the quality system management in tool steel production and quality control. Many visitors come to our booth and communicate with us. We will enjoy the beneficial result of this exhibition. The valuable experience and information we get would definitely help us in the process of development.


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