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    P20 Heat Treating Tool Steel

    P20 (DIN No. 1.2312) - supplied in the thru hardened and tempered condition at a hardness of 310 HB (34HRC). It has good polishability, photo-etching properties (for surface texturing).

    This steel is mainly used for the mold bolster (it is a holding steel) but can be used for core, cavity, gate inserts, sprues and sliding inserts in moulds with shot production quantities less than 500,000 per year such as in automotive and home ware products.

    P20 can be hard chromium plated which is useful for mould reconditioning purposes.

    P20 can also be electroless nickel plated for extra corrosion resistance. Because electroless nickel plating takes place in a bath, the plating will also cover internal water cooling channels, which makes mould maintenance easier. The plating will add 0.005mm per side or 0.01mm to plate thickness.

    Sliding inserts made from P20 should be nitrided for wear resistance and guard against possible damage when using with a P20 bolster.

    It can be welded which is good for repairs. It can be flame hardened or nitrided for extra resistance to wear and erosion. A nitride surface also increases the corrosion resistance.


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